Trader Joe's Grocery Haul- Fall Favorites & Essentials

Ohhhhhh Trader Joe’s…. how I love thee. TJ, you stole my heart the first time I stepped into one of your splendid grocery stores. So many unique, affordable, and (sometimes) healthy options all compact in the most quaint, hometown grocery store with the friendliest staff. Can you tell I’m a fan yet? Any who, one day this week, I had some extra time after work and was needing some Kait-time so what do I do? Grocery shop. Not just grocery shop, but TJ grocery shop. Because there are just some things you can ONLY get at Trader Joe’s and I was running low on some of my essential things from there so even more justification to go. So to TJ I went!

Oh and last glorious reason for me to go to TJ right now (as if I needed another reason ya know?) is that it’s FALL…. and fall means PUMPKIN….. errrrthang. And TJ does it right.

So I thought I’d take you guys along on my Trader Joe’s haul with me. Most of these things I show you are my staples from there and just some Fall items I haven’t found done as well as Trader Joe’s does or done anywhere else at all! So let’s shop!

That’s all I have for now, but I hope it helps you navigate the sometimes murky waters of Trader Joe’s and hopefully give you some staples to try!! If you try any of the things I’ve mentioned, I’d love for you to comment on this post or leave me an Direct Message on Instagram about which one you tried and if you liked it!

Happy shopping lovelies!

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