a cupp of kait

health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit







hi beautiful people and welcome to a cupp of kait! My name is Kaitlyn Cupples (now the name makes sense and you realize I didn't just misspell “cup” right?). I’m 22 years old and currently in my dietetic internship and masters program at East Tennessee State University. I am what they call an “#RD2b” by us nutrition nerds. Basically, I’m studying to become a registered dietitian some day and by some day i reallllyyyy hope that day is in May 2019. Because school is great, but I’ve been at it a solid 17 years now and that’s about 15 years too long ya feel?

Any who, you should also know that there are 3 things I'm extremely passionate about: Jesus, health, and helping people grow in both of these areas. So that’s exactly what you're going to get here, quite literally “a cupp of kait” sooo again, the name seemed quite fitting.

I guess, yes, in a way you could say this is a “healthy-living blog”, but not the “workout and eat only salads every day for the rest of forever” kind of healthy living you see every place you turn these days. NOPE. You see I believe health is SO much more than just physical. True, holistic health involves MIND, BODY, and last but certainly not least, SPIRIT. If we want to live this life to its absolute fullest, it has to include all three. Has to. My story’s been marked by this truth over and over, and my heart’s cry is to share with people everything I’ve learned (and keep learning everyday) about what it means to be truly healthy!! So I wanted to create a space for that, a space for us to talk about yummy recipes (b/c I love alllll. theee. foooooddddd.),healthy-living tips, and more importantly but much less talked about, our soul’s health. To bring light to the real health issues we face every day, to help you realize it’s okay to not be okay, that kale is awesome, but ice cream is awesome too, and to know that you’re not alone in whatever it is your facing. In all of life’s chaos, at whatever point of your physical, spiritual, or mental health journey you’re on, I want you to realize you have places to turn for truth, guidance and wisdom. Turning first to our sweet Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but in addition to that, this page. So whether it’s a question about healthy breakfast options, how to love your body, or you asking for prayer in an area you’re struggling right now: leave comments, email me, tweet me- I’m here for you!! So glad you stopped in!