my story

So even though my main page gives a pretty good idea of what I and this page are about, I think it’s important to share how I got to this place. We all have stories and I totally believe our stories shape who we are, so here it goes!

My health journey really starts at about 15 years old, in a very unhealthy way, I developed an eating disorder. Starting as an innocent attempt to become “healthier” and lose some “baby weight”, honestly just because I thought it would make me fit in better and to get boy’s attention. Typical teenage girl “problems”. A little bit extra running and little bit less food mixed with some affirming “wow you’re looking great” compliments, slowly morphed into something that became out of my control. This new rigid lifestyle affected my friendships, sports performance, family, health, spiritual well-being, everything.

Fast-forward to my sophomore year of college I had a very rude health awakening. Basically all my years of not feeding myself enough, over- exercise and low body fat percentage had caught up with me and I was forced by my athletic trainer’s to seek medical attention. I was clinically diagnosed with an eating disorder. Through some awesome support from many different areas- family, friends, counseling, books, dietitians, and so so much of Jesus’ grace and mercy- I am in recovery. (Insert all the praise hands here!!)

Somehow, in the midst of all of this distraction, I still managed (literally by the grace of God alone) to get a full scholarship for basketball to a great university, make some AMAZING life-long friendships, get involved in an amazing church and college ministry, graduated with a degree in nutrition. So SO much to be thankful for! I would be lying to you if I said recovery is easy and I love myself to the fullest, but I can see so much progress and that’s the important part. It’s a slow, hard journey and there are fantastic days and really sucky days, but I can say with 100% confidence that this road to recovery is so worth it!!

I wouldn’t wish an eating disorder on anyone, but I really believe I was given this battle to help other people who are dealing with some of the same issues and falsehoods about what health and beauty really is. Our culture’s view of health is so warped. We are surrounded every day, numerous times a day with this “diet culture” message we have so normalized, that many of us don’t even know what “healthy” really is anymore.

SOOO that’s why I’m doing what I am today. I graduated with a degree in dietetics and nutrition and currently pursuing my master’s degree to become a Registered Dietitian. To help other people un-do this way of thinking and give practical tools, education, and support to anyone who wants to pursue a truly healthy life. That’s why I wanted to create this page. As a (future) dietitian, I can technically only speak professionally to the diet and exercise portion of health. But with my personal experience, I know it encompasses more of that. With this platform I can speak on how mind, body, and spirit are all involved. There is so much more to health then meal plans and gym memberships. That’s only a fraction of it.

So as I continue to learn more and more about this beautiful, intuitive way of living- I want to take you along! Hopefully this page can help us both learn and grow more in our health journeys- whatever that may look like for you! Everyone’s health journey is their own, but I hope that A Cupp of Kait can be a place where you can learn, ask questions, and share as you grow in your personal journey!